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Diabetes Programs/Support Groups

Aria Health’s Diabetes Self-Management Program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for quality self-management education. This multi-session, 10-hour program teaches you the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, and controlling your blood sugar to minimize diabetic complications.

A physician referral and pre-registration are required.

Follow-Up Classes

After completion of the Diabetes Self-Management Program, participants are encouraged to attend a follow-up class to review their progress, diabetes management skills, and the nutritional aspects of diabetes and heart health. Sessions are offered several times a year.

Individual Diabetes Counseling

Consultations regarding blood sugar monitoring, insulin injection instruction, medication, and gestational diabetes information can be made with a Registered Nurse certified in diabetes education. Sessions with a Registered Dietitian can be made to discuss meal planning, weight control, and dietary information.

Exercise Program

Aria offers on-site programs to educate patients about the benefits of exercise and adopting a regular fitness routine.

FREE Diabetes Adult Support Groups

AriaCare Outpatient Center, Conference Room

The first Tuesday of every month, beginning November 3, 2015

Call prior to each session for schedule

AriaCare Outpatient Center
10800 Knights Road
Philadelphia, PA 19114
215 612 8420

For more information or to register for any
of these classes or programs, please call
215 612 8420 or email