Aria's Heart Center can provide
you with preventive care.

Individual Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional assessment and counseling provided by registered dietitians for general nutrition and a variety of medical concerns requiring nutritional intervention. Some health insurances may cover the cost of nutrition counseling. Accepting pediatric patients age 6 and up. 
Fee: Initial 1 hour visit   $116.00
        Follow-up visits 1/2 hour   $58.00
(Some health insurances may cover the cost.)

Healthy Lifestyle Program 
The healthy lifestyle program is a nutrition education program that focuses on helping you to build healthy habits to aid in weight management and to treat and prevent disease. Included in the program is an initial 30 minutes visit with a registered dietition and six 45 minute sessions that encompass a variety of topics such as behavior modification, exercise and current trends. One of the groups will be a one hour supermarket tour to teach you how to shop smarter and healthier.

  • Initial meeting with Registered Dietitian: 30 minutes
  • Week 1: Weight management - What Works and Why?
  • Week 2: Hunger and Behavior Modification 
  • Week 3: Fueling Our Bodies 
  • Week 4: Getting Moving 
  • Week 5: Supermarket Tour (1 hour)
  • Week 6: Tips for Staying on Track/Current Trends 

Start  Date: (*Enrollment is continuous*)
6:15 - 7:00 pm
Fee:   $130.00 (*can be made in 2 payments)
Place: Nutrition Center - Jefferson Torresdale Hospital  

For more information or to register, please call 215-612-4863.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Nutrition Education Series
Feel comfortable in this group with others that share this common endocrine problem. The bi-monthly meetings will include educational topics on carbohydrate counting, healthy food choices to help manage cholesterol and blood pressures, weight management, benefits of exercise, and recipe tips. Support will be provided by staff members and group members. A one-time, six-week membership to the Fitness Center is included.

Fee: $160 - includes 1 individual session and 5 group sessions
Dates: Call for dates and times
Place: Jefferson Torresdale Hospital
  Minimum of 4 participants required


Medgem Indirect Calorimeter Testing
This service requires a simple breath test to accurately measure your individual energy requirements. Knowing this number will help you with your weight management goals. The fee includes the test with result and brief nutritional guidance. (If client has had no previous nutrition education, this test may be most useful when combined with an individual consultation.)
Fee:         $50


Aria's Heart Center can provide you with preventive care

Nutrition Counseling for Bariatric Surgery
 This service is provided for patients thinking about the lap banding weight loss procedure that is now offered at the Oxford Valley Medical Plaza in Langhorne, PA. Our registered dietitians work with Dr. Luca Giordano, MD to get our patients prepared for weight loss surgery. Participants must register with Dr. Giordano's office at 215-824-4559.
Fee:   Initial 1 hour visit                   $116.00
           Follow-up visits ( 1/2 hour)   $58.00
(Some health insurances may cover the cost)


Heart Healthy & Diabetes Supermarket Tours
These tours will emphasize label reading for fats: saturated and unsaturated, fiber, soy protein, carbohydrate, and other key ingredients to help you manage your blood sugars, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Discover new products and learn how to use food labels and ingredient lists to evaluate and fit specific foods in your diet.

Fee: $20
Date: Call for dates and times

For more information or to enroll, call 215-612-4863