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Emergency Medicine

Philadelphia Hospital Equipped & Ready

Emergency MedicineWith the injured patient as its focus, the center applies the latest techniques and know-how to minimizing the impact of trauma and promoting recovery.

Advanced Emergency Medicine at Aria Health - Bucks County

Staffed by career emergency medicine physicians and nurses, the Emergency Departments at Aria Health's Bucks County, Frankford and Torresdale locations are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are equipped to treat all illnesses and injuries, both minor and serious and/or life-threatening.

When a patient is treated, his or her personal physician will be notified by phone if the patient requires admission or has a serious problem mandating care by a specialist. For minor ambulatory care, the physician will receive a copy of the Emergency Department record, as well as a copy of the patient's discharge instructions.

Accordingly, Philadelphia hospital Aria Health - Torresdale is an officially designated Level 2 Regional Resource Trauma Center. Patients with the most serious injuries are brought to Torresdale by local emergency medical squads.