Aria-Jefferson Health



Comprehensive Services to Treat
                a Prevalent Metabolic Condition

Aria Health offers and emphasizes a comprehensive system of services aimed at preventing, treating, and managing diabetes and related conditions.  Staff members including primary care physicians, specialists, diabetic nurse educators, and counselors work with patients and family members to combat prediabetes and diabetic disease.

Insulin resistance, obesity, and other conditions that predispose to diabetes  are becoming more common in our society.  But healthful lifestyles, knowledgeable treatment, vigilant ongoing care, and follow-up can help reverse risk factors and early signs of diabetes.   

Aria’s diabetes services offer an organized approach to catching, controlling, and even reversing diabetes.  From knowing their risk to fine-tuning their treatment, patients can improve their condition by taking advantage of these programs:

• Experienced Primary Care
Physicians on staff at Aria whose practices provide general, family and internal medicine are acutely aware of the problem of diabetes — and skilled in monitoring for its signs and symptoms. 

• A Dedicated, Knowledgeable Endocrinology Service
Aria’s team of endocrinologists work daily with a large population of patients seeking the most advanced care for diabetes.  And, they team with other specialists from whom such patients may need additional care.

• Diabetes Programs & Support Groups
The most important person in caring for diabetes is the individual with diabetes.  That’s why education and patient teaching is so important.  Patients with diabetes benefit from Aria’s diabetes educational and counseling programs, classes and support groups. 

• Preventive Health & Wellness Programs
Everyone can take steps to reduce his or her risk of diabetes and to help minimize its health effects.  These steps include watching weight, staying fit, and improving diet.  Aria’ Wellness HealthSource provides a popular series of courses, classes, testing, counseling, therapies, and special events aimed at better living, better eating, and better fitness. 

• Bariatrics Services
Aria’s multidisciplinary bariatrics and weight-loss services give patients highly knowledgeable counseling, evaluation, and care.  Led by Aria’s Comprehensive Center for Bariatric Surgery, the services provide both lifestyle/conservative and minimally invasive, surgical approaches. 

• Heart Care
Patients with diabetes are at higher risk for heart disease, and Aria’s heart specialists know how to bring the right consultation and testing into the care of such patient’s to lessen risk, and to detect and treat cardiac problems. 

• Podiatry
Individuals with diabetes have special incentive to safeguard the health of their feet.  With the problems that diabetes can cause in circulation and sensation in these extremities, patients with diabetes must seek treatment for nonhealing injuries immediately.  As part of Aria's accomplished orthopedic services, Aria podiatrists have special interest and training in care of the diabetic foot.