Bariatric (Weight-Loss) Surgery

Aria Health Center for Gynecology & Women's Health


There is hope. There is a solution.
If you're like most people who have struggled with weight most of their lives, you've exercise and diets and found limited success. Just when you've given up hope, modern medicine has provided a real solution - bariatric surgery.

A healthier you
Fighting obesity isn't about helping you be more physicially attractive... it's about helping you get your life back. Obesity is dangerous and debilitating, often leading to other chronic health issues such as diabetes, joint pain, sleep apnea, reduced mobility, etc. It also increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Patients with obesity can undergo surgery, with a minimal hospital stay and quick recovery that will lead to dramatically reduced weight.

We're here for you
Take the first step toward better health! Aria Health's Comprehensive Center for Bariatric Surgery knows how to help patients with serious obesity and complications. The talented physicians that make up our bariatric surgery team have the skills and experience necessary to help you achieve significant weight loss and get you back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

Our surgery team is supported by a knowledgeable, caring office and consulting personnel that includes highly trained nurses, dietitians, and phychologists - along with an experienced, helpful administrative office staff.

Want to learn more?
Contact Aria's Comprehensive Center for Bariatric Surgery at 215-612-5001 to make an appointment for a consultation. Support groups are also available for pre- and post-operative patients that provide the encouragement and information for those dealing with obesity.

Schedules are available online for our support groups. A Frequently Asked Questions page is also available to answer some of the questions you might have right now.