Work Health

Orthopedic Medicine On the Job

Aria Health’s orthopedic surgeons refer to and collaborate with Aria Health's Work Health program.  They consult in preventing, treating, and rehabilitating injuries of the workplace.  The goal is assignment to appropriate work, and rapid return to appropriate work at the appropriate time.

An orthopedic service must partner with workers and their employers for best outcomes. 

Physical therapy services in Aria’s Division of Orthopedic Surgery play a vital role in getting injured workers healthy.  Therapists’ knowledge about strengthening, stretching, reducing compression, and other techniques helps to resolve conditions and accelerate healing.  These approaches have enormous impact on the course of a patient’s care and recuperation.

Aria’s orthopedists also oversee program activities that provide work hardening and work simulation for patients.  These strategies are highly successful in controlling risk of work-place injury and the significant costs associated with such events.

The staff works to achieve and unify both the work-force goals of employers and the work-place, professional, medical, and physical needs of patients.