Joint Replacement

Comprehensive, Top-Level Care for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Joint replacement is a highly successful treatment that has become one of the most common forms of major surgery.  These procedures can free patients from significant pain and disability, and often allow patients decades of restored activity and independence.

In joints where bones and the cartilage that cushions them have become too damaged to continue to function smoothly — and where conservative care has not worked — a prosthetic joint offers a return of function and a level of durability that usually lasts for a patient’s remaining lifetime.  Patients almost uniformly consider the step of joint replacement to be well worth it, for the years of vitality that these operations can return. And with its use of the latest implant advancements, Aria’s service can offer joint replacement to more patients sooner.

Today, patients can count on significant pain relief and return to function when joint replacement is necessary.

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Aria’s orthopedic specialists work closely with the patient to evaluate the condition of the joint and its impact on the patient’s life, taking advantage of the highest quality imaging to determine the best course of care.  These joint-replacement experts work to assure that other options in care have been exhausted and that joint replacement is a match for the patient in needs, prognosis, and suitability for surgery.

Arthritis, the typical disposing factor

Osteoarthritis, which comes from damage to joints from many years of use and from injuries, is the most common condition that brings the need for joint replacement.  Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that also causes destruction of connective tissue, is another common cause.  When bone wears on bone, without proper spacing and surrounding soft tissue, pain ensues.  With their weight-bearing aspect and an individual’s special life-long dependency on them for ambulation, hips and knees take an especially high level of wear and tear.

In recent years, Aria Health has made a multi-million dollar investment in its state-of-the-science joint replacement service.  Aria’s joint replacement surgeons have the foremost level of training, and they pride themselves on use of the latest technologies and biomaterials in joint replacement surgery.

Hip replacement

Because of their complex movement —
and wonderous but susceptible ball-an-socket structure — hip joints can cease to function smoothly, especially after decades of stress, disease, or injury.  And they can become very painful.  Hip replacement has become the most prevalent type of joint replacement surgery. 

The operation replaces both aspects of the joints: the cup (or acetabulum) and the ball (or femoral head).  It uses the most advanced, durable, and precisely fitted components made of alloys and other materials, for friction- and pain-free function that is normally permanent.  In selecting and implanting the new joint, great engineering and skilled
surgical technique makes for dependable outcomes and good patient experiences.

Knee replacement
A complicated structure that endures great pressures of force and repetitive motions, the knee is particularly subject to gradual compromise.  This joint’s soft tissue can easily suffer with one deficiency or injury that contributes to another, resulting in poor stability and function accompanied by discomfort.

Highly knowledgeable and talented surgeons at Aria can offer superbly designed and fitted knee joint replacements, an operation that of course involves reconnecting the natural tendons and ligaments around the new joint for optimal function and structural strength.  The multidisciplinary team works to make this joint replacement as manageable as possible — seeking minimize discomfort and accelerate healing — so that patients begin to experience the procedure's enormous benefits as soon as possible.

Aria patients enjoy high success rates and excellent long-term durability of their implants.

Other joints
Aria’s staff also offers joint reconstruction or replacement in the shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, and other areas.  This surgical care comes from subspecialized members of the staff.

Joint replacement is a team effort of the patient, the family, and a cross-disciplinary medical staff.  Nurses and therapists at Aria have an essential role and are highly adept at promoting rapid recovery and prompt orthopedic rehabilitation.

The Aria program concentrates on many measureable areas of quality.  The service puts significant resources into achieving the lowest possible infection, complication, and revision rates.  It seeks technical excellence, precision, and safety in all facets of surgery.

Joint replacement has been a revolutionary type of care — on that offers a highly gratifying option for orthopedic staffs to offer and for their patients to benefit from.  These operations can return individuals to previous or normalized levels of physical capability, including walking and even running and other activities that require sound, pain-free, lower-body joints.


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