Precise Fracture Treatment to Avoid Long-Term Problems

Breaks in bones – ranging from hairline fractures to complex and compound injuries and bones that are broken in multiple fragments – need serious specialty care, especially if they are in the extremities, back, pelvis, or other weight-bearing areas.  For such injuries to be resolved, they must heal properly, and for that, highly exacting approaches to resetting and stabilizing the bone are necessary.

Aria’s orthopedic specialists pride themselves on offering the full range of care needed for proper treatment of fractures.  This starts with correct diagnosis, for which the team works closely with the Aria’s respected radiology department.  Top quality x-ray imaging, CT scanning, and other diagnostics help orthopedists define fractures with precision.

Bone heals naturally.  Optimal treatment gives bone the best possible conditions in which
to do so.

Casting and otherwise immobilizing fractured bones (with slings, booting, and suspension and other techniques) provides the mainstay of treatment, though operations to realign and fix bones in place with a variety of surgical techniques may also be necessary.  The Aria team is ready to provide the most exacting such procedures urgently or electively.  Their high level of specialty training, supplemented with extensive experience, allows its members to brings state-of-the-art capabilities to the complete range of broken-bone injuries.

Surgery may involve opening the site of injury and rejoining the bones using screws or a plate or rod.  Or, it may mean using pins to connect from an external frame to the broken bones.  Aria’s team always looks for conservative, noninvasive means of setting fractures before considering surgery, though some conditions such as hip fracture almost always require surgery to prevent complications.  Fractures in the back may also require highly specialized surgery.

Care includes pain management, periodic re-evaluation, and careful assessment for return to activities.  The department provides any devices needed to assist in walking or mobility, and the team, including physical therapist, may advise on exercises and stretching that can strengthen and condition muscles, aiding the patient’s healing, range of motion, and conditioning.

Aria’s orthopedic service may work closely with the emergency or trauma staff for patients seen in the ER for fractures and often other multiple injuries.