Heart Failure Care

Heart-to-heart care in the most advanced surroundings.

When muscle in the walls of the heart is denied blood flow as a result of coronary artery disease, heart attack, or other common cardiovascular conditions, this essential tissue can sustain cell death and thus injury and weakeningHeart failure is when this process significantly reduces the heart's ability to pump blood.

This condition can cause disability from loss of physical strength and heart stability and, if serious, can bring risk for cardiac death.  Heart failure can cause fluid build-up in the body, especially around the heart (creating a counter pressure to the heart's beating capacity), and a significant amount of hospitalization, especially if patients fail to receive proper care.  The good news is that patients and their healthcare providers can manage this condition and often prevent it from becoming worse.

Heart failure patients need stability and vigilance in their medical regimen. They must be under the care of a center that can see them regularly and promptly.Aria's heart center provides the ongoing care and monitoring – and ready access to heart-failure specialists by phone and in person – that are essential for heart-failure patients.  The staff sets up a program of visits specially tailored for each patient.  The costs of such outpatient care are substantially less than the costs of the repeated hospital admissions that usually occur without it.  Aria's Heart Centr center seeks to provide a model for ongoing heart-failure care, and a safety net, for patients with heart failure. 

The team establishes a schedule and set of criteria for visits that is right each patient.  At these visits, the staff examines the patient physically, assesses fluid status, and conducts other testing as needed – all with a thorough familiarity with the patient's condition and history.  The center can correct the patient's fluid status as need, with oral, intravenous, or infusion diuretics.  adjust patient care to match each individual to the needed testing and care, including emotional counseling and cardiac rehabilitation.

Aria maintains its heart failure patients in this regular system of care because the result is dramatically less hospitalization, and improved health and vitality.  Programs that fail to maintain such continuity risk having their heart failure patients fall into a pattern of worsening symptoms and emergency-room visits.  But with the right education (including for families), maintenance, watchfulness, and quick access to the kind of top-level heart care that our center offers, these patients can help themselves to improved quality of life and far less time in or at the hospital.