Emergency Care

Heart-to-heart care in the most advanced surroundings.

Aria provides first-rate emergency care in its emergency rooms and emergency department at its Frankford, Torresdale, and Bucks locations.  Emergency care is a focus and a point of pride for Aria.  Aria's staff of expert emergency physicians, nurses, and other urgent-care professionals has dedicated their careers to this type of medical care, in which cardiac conditions are a critical area.

Aria's emergency teams are highly trained in identifying patients who arrive with heart events, heart problems, or heart-related conditions.  Its staff enters such patients into an immediate system of care that precisely confirms the source of the emergency condition and delivers the needed care promptly.

Time is often of particular essence in treating emergency heart patients.  Aria's emergency department works in close coordination with medical cardiologists, electrophysiologists, interventionalists, and surgeons at Aria's Heart Center.  Unlike at some heart centers, these specialists at Aria are available and accessible at all times to our emergency-medicine staff.  And today, such high-level teams are acutely aware of the "golden hours" at the beginning of a heart event in which every minute can mean the difference between full recovery or cardiac arrest, stroke, or permanent damage to the heart.  Whether the event is a heart attack, heart arrhythmia, or other problem, the staff stands on its ability to get patients the right treatment as soon as possible.  The philosophy begins with close communication with the emergency-medic and emergency-transport staff and continues throughout all interventions and ongoing care.

Stopping the attack, limiting damage
It is said that "time is heart muscle" in heart attacks, because of the potential for long-lasting damage to the heart wall for every minute that it is deprived of proper blood flow.  Such injury can permanently weaken the heart and eventually lead to heart failure.  With that in mind, center's team uses the most advanced emergency medical treatment, urgent cardiac catheterization, and interventional or surgical care as needed.  In this effort, Aria supports its certified cardiac-care professionals with the most up-to-date facilities, technology, and resources.  A similar approach guides our care of stroke patients.

Aria's catheterization labs provide emergency angioplasty and stent placement, with the back up of our surgeons and operating rooms for patients who require surgical care.  The hospital inpatient cardiac unit provides dedicated care to patients who need intensive, intermediate, or stepped-down care and recovery from a cardiac event and treatment.

Entering into a system of care
Through any emergency phase of care, we pride ourselves on multidisciplinary collaboration in the medical team and on communication with the patient and family.  Clearly explaining the patient's status, options, and needed steps of care is essential for a cohesive experience where all care decisions are based on a fully-informed, knowledgeable process.

The emergency staff transitions care of Aria heart patients seamlessly to our cardiac staff.   As part of Aria's Heart Center, these professionals are essential to our carefully trained protocol for getting the right heart care to patients with the most modern speed.

In addition to facilities at the Aria - Frankford and Aria - Torresdale locations, Aria Health has recently expanded its emergency department at its Bucks Campus, in conjunction with opening a state-of-the-science cardiac catheterization laboratory at Aria - Bucks County.  Both projects meet the growing demand for both cardiac and emergency services in Lower Bucks County.