Cardiovascular Disease

Experienced Cardiologists, Diagnosing & Treating Patients with Heart Disease

Robert B. Schlesinger, MD
Chief, Section of Cardiovascular Disease

Aria Health's Section of Cardiovascular Disease is part of the Department of Medicine. The Cardiologists of the section of Cardiovascular Disease spend their time and effort diagnosing and treating patients with heart disease.

The 75 highly trained doctors who make up the section use the latest diagnostic techniques to assist them to accurately diagnose the cause of chest pain, palpitations, or other symptoms in people who may have heart disease. These specialized tests include transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, Holter Monitor recordings, nuclear stress testing, chemical ("non-stress") stress testing, and heart catheterization.

Aria Health offers a full range of non-surgical and surgical treatments to people who suffer problems with angina, (heart pain), heart attacks, heart failure, abnormalities of the heart rhythm, and diseases of the heart valves. Our surgeons can use the latest minimally invasive and off pump techniques to treat people with coronary artery disease. Aria's Cardiac Catheterization facilities are among the latest and best equipped in the area and handle all manner of routine as well as emergency heart cath procedures every day. Our recently opened new Intensive Care Unit has the capability to fully monitor any patient whose condition requires that level of care.

Aria's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program starts when the patient is in the hospital and continues after discharge to assure the quickest and most complete recovery. It is staffed by trained exercise physiologists and includes counseling in nutrition, weight control, smoking cessation, and other risk factor modification techniques. Aria Health also presents regular educational programs for the community to help our neighbors remain heart-healthy.