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Centers of Excellence

Cancer Care, Heart Care, Minimally Invasive Surgical Services, Orthopedic Care and Women’s Health – these five clinical Centers of Excellence represent another distinction that makes Aria Health the leading healthcare provider in Northeast Philadelphia and Lower Bucks County.

Cancer Center
The Cancer Center at Aria Health provides a comprehensive range of high-quality patient-care and support services.  Here, our board-certified surgeons, radiation oncologists, and medical oncologists – as well as our certified cancer nurses, social workers, and other healthcare team members – work together to treat the physical and emotional sides of cancer in a comfortable setting.  For assistance in choosing an Aria physician for your cancer care, please call 1-877-808-ARIA.

Heart Center
Aria Health’s Heart Center is home to accomplished cardiac specialists with top-level training that provide first-rate medical, interventional, and surgical care for a comprehensive range of cardiac conditions at the convenience of an accessible, patient-friendly medical center.  For assistance in choosing an Aria physician for your heart care, please call 1-877-808-ARIA.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Services
Aria's fellowship-trained minimally invasive surgeons offer patients the latest surgical treatments to reduce scarring and shorten recovery time.  In addition, Aria provides the broadest number of robotic-assisted surgical subspecialties in the Philadelphia area.  Skilled surgeons use the latest da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System to treat gynecologic, urologic, thoracic, and thyroid conditions and diseases, yielding better results and fewer side effects than conventional surgeries. To choose an Aria physician for your minimally invasive surgical needs, please call 1-877-808-ARIA.

Orthopedic Care
Our orthopedic staff provides the latest in surgical and non-invasive care, along with advanced imaging services.  Orthopedists at Aria care for the common, everyday problems of the bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissue and the more serious, chronic, or once-in-a-lifetime requirements for care.  For assistance in choosing an Aria physician for your orthopedic care, please call 1-877-808-ARIA.

Women’s Health
Aria Health’s experienced team of physicians, nurses and health professionals offer a range of women’s health services including: general and adult gynecology, robotic-assisted gynecologic surgery, a comprehensive breast health program, outpatient testing and more.  For assistance in choosing an Aria physician for your women’s health needs, please call 1-877-808-ARIA.