Services for Current Students

Hospital/Health Insurance
Hospitalization/health insurance is required and is the responsibility of each individual student. The Aria Health School of Nursing will bear no health costs incurred by students at any time. Proof of health insurance is required prior to admission to the school and annually. It is the students' responsibility to communicate changes in health insurance to the Registrar immediately. Health insurance is required during the length of enrollment in the school.

The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Services
Aria students are entitled to use the library resources at PSU Abington. In addition, the Learning Skills Center at Penn State Abington offers students tutoring in math, writing, reading, and study skills. A counselor from the Pennsylvania State University is also available to answer questions related to transferability of prior course work and other academic issues.

Counseling is integral to the Nursing School program. Upon entering, students receive a Handbook, which provides information about the services and policies. The counseling program provides a number of services: academic advisement, and formative evaluation (classroom and clinical instruction). Every student entering the Aria Health School of Nursing program is assigned to a faculty advisor. While everyone's needs differ, it is valuable to know your advisors. Advisors are objective listeners, mentors, a resource for professional references and school activities. In three years, they get to know you personally, and value your personal and professional growth. Meet with them often, and get to know them. They are interested in you. Advisors may be seen during posted office hours or by appointment.

Learning Disabilities
Students with a learning disability requiring an accommodation must provide the school with comprehensive documentation, which is current (within 3 years). Documentation must be provided by a licensed health care professional who is qualified to make the diagnosis of the disability, and who has recent involvement with the student. The documentation must explain functional limitations in the educational environment that are attributable to the disability (e.g. test taking, course load). All information about the student's health status is considered confidential. The Curriculum/Operations Coordinator will meet with the student to review accommodations. Students granted examination accommodation at Aria Health School of Nursing, should be aware that the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing may not base their decision on examination accommodation in the same manner as the school.

Student Government Association
The purpose of the Aria Health School of Nursing Student Government Association shall be to serve as a communicator between the student body, faculty and the administration of the Aria Health School of Nursing. All students are encouraged to become members. Planned recreational and social activities and fund-raising projects are the responsibility of the members. Students must maintain a cumulative average of 2.75 or above to hold an office in either class or student organizations. Students are encouraged to attend all SGA meetings.

All students are eligible for membership in the local, state and national student nurse associations. These organizations strive to develop leadership skills and help the student assume community responsibilities.

NCLEX Preparation & Testing
Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) is a program of standardized testing that our school uses throughout the course of study to provide students with an assessment of mastery of course content, with remediation, and with NCLEX preparation.


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