Family Practice Curriculum

Program Director (s):                     Robert Danoff DO, MS, FACOFP
Program Number:   127483
Program Length:   3 years
Approved Positions:   18 (including linked internship)
Accrediation Status:   Continuing Approval (5 Years)
Last Site Review:   March 2011
Next Site Review Date (approximate):   March 2016

The Aria Health Family Practice Residency is a community based program that incorporates an environment which is caring, educational, supportive and dedicated to the preparation of our residents for the pursuit of  their individual passions in the field of family practice. Residents can enter after successfully completing a traditional rotating internship year, or be accepted upon graduation from medical school directly into our residency as a family practice tracker. We look for residents who work well as part of a team and who would treat their patients as they would like their family members treated.

Individuality is the key to our program. We realize that each and every resident has individual learning needs and interests. Our program meets or exceeds the ACOFP requirements in program content, as well as adds a strong component of personalization in order to accommodate the goals and professional aspirations of each family practice resident. Central to our philosophy is a strong and unified didactic program consisting of: formal lectures, board preparation and review, journal clubs, hands on training in osteopathic manipulative medicine, preventive medicine including participation in the clinical assessment program, as well as resident and case presentations. Most of our rotations consist of one on one precepting with family physicians and specialists.  Our office experience is integrated in family practice office settings where the resident experiences "real world" family practic, and is assigned a regular schedule of hours that enables them to develop a personal following of patients who form the "core" of their family practice office experience. The breadth of patient diversity is tremendous, the clinical experience suburb, and the opportunity to learn procedures is excellent. All this is done at the family practice preceptors office where one-to-one supervision is the standard of training.

If you are looking to be a part of a family practice residency program that offers humanity in addition to strong preparation for your career in family practice, please consider our Aria Health Family Practice Residency program. Please contact the Program Director or chief resident for additional information and a tour of our facility.

Sample Curriculum

1/2 day in family practice office per week
4 weeks ICU
4 weeks Orthopedics
4 weeks OB/Gyn
20 weeks Medicine
4 weeks General Surgery
4 weeks Pediatrics
4 weeks Emergency Medicine
4 weeks Block Nights
4 weeks Elective
156 days of longitudinal office throughout the year
4 weeks General Medicine
4 weeks Dermatology
4 weeks Ob/Gyn
4 weeks Gastroenterology
4 weeks Cardiology
4 weeks office Orthopedic / Sports Medicine
4 weeks ENT/Ophthalmology
12 weeks Electives
156 days of longitudinal office throughout the year
4 weeks General Medicine
8 weeks Pediatric
4 weeks Ob/Gyn
4 weeks Emergency Medicine
2 weeks Neonatal
2 weeks Urology
2 weeks Podiatry
2 weeks Allergy / Immunology
2 weeks Breast surgery / Women's Health
12 weeks Electives

Selective Rotation Include:
Endocrinology, Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Neurology, Radiology, OMM, Occupational Medicine, Travel Medicine, Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, and others available for consideration. The program is personalized for your professional passions and goals.