Aria-Jefferson Health


Office of Academic Affairs


Office of Academic Affairs
3998 Red Lion Road
Philadelphia, PA 19114
Tel: 215-612-4826
Fax: 215-612-4069

Cynthia R. Fusco D.O.
Osteopathic Director of Graduate Medical Education
Tel: 215-612-5161
Mary Allegrini
Manager, Medical Education
Tel: 215-612-5161

Evelyn Diaz-Traylor
Manager, Medical Education
Tel: 215-612-2699  
Louise Dougherty
Medical Education Coordinator
Tel: 215-612-4826

Doris McNeill
Medical Education Coordinator
Tel: 215-612-4609

Program Directors    

Robert Danoff, DO, MS, FACOFP 
Director of Family Practice Residency Program
Co-Director of Combined: FP/EM Residency Program

Andrew Ogden, DO, FACOI, FACOEP
Program Director of Internal Medicine Program
Co-Director of Combined: IM/EM Residency Program

Amy Penza, DO
Associate Program Director Internal Medicine

Program Director of Emergency Medicine Residency Program
Co-Director of Combined: IM/EM Residency Program

Annahieta Kalantari, DO
Associate Program Director Emergency Medicine

Justin Fleming, DPM
Director of PMSR/RRA

Jeanine Brinkley, DPM
Assistant Director of PMSR/RRA