Nursing Shared Governance

Empowering Nurses

Aria Health's Department of Nursing supports the nursing shared governance structure to empower professional nurses to collectively impact upon their own practice, as well as their patients' outcomes. The nurses' clinical decision-making abilities are recognized and utilized in the work of the varied councils. The councils are composed of a variety of members of the nursing department, including staff nurses, managers, administrators and educators.

The clinical governance system is comprised of the Nurse Executive Council which oversees the Clinical Practice Council, Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and Research Council and the Nursing Professional Development Council. Each unit has their own shared governance council and has a representative on the Nurse Executive Council.

Nursing Executive Council

  • Clinical Practice Council: Has oversight and advocates for committees that do work related to nurse-sensitive quality indicators, such as pressure ulcers, falls and hospital acquired infections such as catheter or line associated infections.
  • EBP and Research Council: Has oversight and advocates for committees that do work related implementation of nursing best practices, such as policy development, nursing informatics and identification and implementation of practices to support nurse wellness.
  • Nursing Professional Development Council: Has oversight and provides support for committees that do work related nurses' commitment to professional growth and development, such as nursing education, reward and recognition initiatives and community outreach programs.