Mission, Vision, & Values

Serving Northeast Philadelphia and Nearby Bucks and Montgomery Counties


To provide exceptional patient care and customer service to members of the communities served by the Hospitals, and to recognize a patient's right to considerate and respectful care, regardless of ability to pay.


Be the premier integrated healthcare delivery system serving Northeast Philadelphia and nearby Bucks and Montgomery counties. Be recognized for high quality, commitment to service and caring behavior by all members of the hospital family.

  • To be committed to constantly seeking improvements in service to our patients, our community and to each other.
  • To be the organization to which people, businesses and insurers first turn to provide or arrange for the provision of health-related services.
  • To be the standard by which hospital and other health-related services provided by others are measured.


  • Service
    To our patients and communities is foremost in our thoughts and actions
  • Integrity
    Continuously earning the trust of those we serve and with whom we work
  • Quality
    By maintaining high standards of health care while continuously striving to improve
    QTOPS = "Quality is TOPS at Aria"
  • Compassion and Dignity
    By caring, both physically and emotionally, for those we serve and by treating others as we ourselves would like to be treated
  • Safety
    By valuing error prevention, identification, reduction and our response to sentinel events and awareness or identification of potential or actual errors