Department of Cardiology Launches Remote, Web-Based Access to Cardiac Studies

Contributed by: Tom Stride, Director, Medical Informatics

In late March, Aria's Department of Cardiology began using the Cardiology Heart Suite VERICIS Web application and its related technology to view cardiac catheterization and ECHO images and reports via the Internet and Intranet. The new application allows images to be conveniently viewed on any computer equipped with a broadband Internet connection and the required specifications.

This new environment makes training in VERICIS of vital importance for all users and potential users. Medical Informatics Application Specialist Ginny Skoczylas, is currently providing technical instruction by appointment only. To schedule an appointment for a training session or to obtain further information regarding the application, please call Ginny at 215-612-5193, internally at ext. 2-5193, or via email vskoczylas@fhcs.org.