Active Protocols

Clinical trials are formal, controlled protocols designed to test the effectiveness of new treatments, including novel drugs, types of intervention, or combinations of therapy. To view complete information about cancer clinical trials at Aria Health, choose Clinical Trials here or above to view an index of clinical trials for each category.

To read more about the clinical trial process, please read  What Are Clinical Trials? or visit the National Cancer Institute's CancerNet. There you will also find access to PDQ, the NCI-sponsored database of clinical trials nationwide.

HOW TO SUBMIT: For full IRB review, submit 20 stapled, collated packets of the FH/IRB-1, FH/IRB-2, FH/IRB-3, FH/IRB-4 (consent form) and all supplemental materials (e.g., advertising, recruitment letters, questionnaires, etc.). The forms are available on the IRB Internal Forms page. For expedited review or exemption request, submit 3 packets. Provide 4 copies of the sponsor protocol if commercially sponsored, 4 copies of the grant if federally funded, or 4 copies of the investigator-written protocol if unfunded. For a study involving investigational drug(s)/device(s), include 4 copies of the investigational drug/device brochure(s). If the study involves a drug(s)/device(s) that is not investigational, include 4 copies of the package insert(s). Please forward all materials to:

Institutional Review Board Office
Aria Health 
10800 Knights Road
Philadelphia, PA 19114

Dale Decker
Institutional Review Board Administrator

Note: The clinical protocols listed here are presented as an educational service to physicians and patients; they should not be interpreted as providing medical advice nor be used for the diagnosis or treatment of cancer or any other health problem. Enrollment is based on satisfying eligibility criteria; final determination for inclusion in a study is made solely at the discretion of the Principal Investigator.

Although we try to maintain accurate information, in some cases the material may not be fully current. Protocol contacts will be able to verify the status of specific trials.

Current trials include protocols in:

  • brain cancer;
  • breast cancer;
  • colon cancer;
  • esophogeal cancer;
  • lung cancer;
  • and pancreatic cancer.