Resident/Fellow Benefits


Medical Plan+

PLANS OFFERED (30 days to enroll):

Personal Choice PPO - This plan features excellent network providers and facilities. You do not need to select a primary care physician and you can see a specialist without a referral. There are copays for physician visits and you do not have a deductible for certain services.

The Aria Health Aetna PPO - The Aria Health Aetna PPO is administered by Aetna, Inc. Through this plan, you can access Aria Health and its participating providers, JeffPlus providers, Aetna providers and still have coverage for using out-of-network providers. This is a four-tier plan and offers greatest value when using the Aria Health network.


Coverage begins on the first of the month following date of hire.


Aria Health offers you an opportunity to purchase the following Dental Plans for you and your family.

  • Aetna Dental Maintenance organization (DMO)
  • Delta Dental Delta preferred Program
Vision+ Aria Health offers you an opportunity to purchase Vision Insurance through Vision Benefits of America (VBA), which has a nationwide network of participating optometrists, ophthalmologists and retail optical stores ("VBA Providers") that provide quality products and services to the plan participants at discounted prices. Less out of pocket costs if using a VBA provider.
Basic Term Life Insurance Free to employee as of start date.
One times your Basic Annual Earnings (up to $250,000.00)
Voluntary Portable Group Life Insurance**

Optional: Employee may purchase additional insurance in amounts up to 5 times annual base pay, rounded to the next $10,000 (not to exceed $350,000.00. Employee eligible as of start date.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment+

Employee coverage available as first day of month after 90 days waiting period.

Voluntary Short Term Disability**

Optional: Employee may purchase up to 60% replacement income in the event of an off the job injury or illness. Must enroll within 30 days of hire date to be eligible for guaranteed issue. Coverage begins 31 days after your qualified non-occupational illness or injury.

Long Term Disability Coverage provided at no cost to employee. Provides coverage after your Short Term Disability benefits period has expired. Effective as of date of hire. **must be out of work for 180 days**

Short-Term Disability Insurance (Buy-Up Supplemental Insurance)

Optional: Employee earning $58,000 or more can increase their monthly dollar amount maximum through the Short-Term Disability Insurance Buy-Up Plan. This buy-up plan coverage gives eligible employees the flexibility of selecting the amount of buy-up coverage (up to 60% of your annual base earnings on top of the Basic Short Term Disability Coverage). Coverage is for up to 26 weeks. Must enroll within 30 days of hire date to be eligible.  

Specified Critical Illness Insurance

Aria Health offers an opportunity to supplement your Medical and Disability coverage by purchasing. Specified Critical Illness Insurance through Unum Provident at affordable group rates. This plan pays a lump sum benefit directly to you (in addition to any benefits you might receive from other plans) to help you pay direct and indirect costs associated with a critical illness.

Professional Liability Insurance Aria Health provides, at no cost, each resident with Professional Liability Insurance (malpractice) during his or her residency. Coverage is limited to the resident's professional responsibilities performed only at Aria and its approved affiliates and only while acting within the scope of the graduate training program. Eligible as of start date.
Legal Access Plans

LegalEase covers you, your spouse and you dependent children up to age of 23 for nominal biweekly cost and includes but is not limited to the following services. Enrollment form will need to be filled out for payroll deduction and membership to the service.

  • Telephone Consultations and Legal Advice
  • Legal Letters and Telephone Calls to Third Parties on Your Behalf
  • Face-to-Face Consultations (three hour consultations per year)
  • Preparation of Wills, Living Willis and Power of Attorney
  • Review of Contracts and Documents
Identity Theft Shield Program

Aria Health provides you with an opportunity to protect your identity and your credit. For a small fee, you and your spouse have easy access to the following products and services at no additional cost:

  • Up-to-date credit report
  • Personal credit score and analysis
  • Daily credit monitoring of Experian credit file
  • Immediate email/ U.S. Mail alerts of reported activity
  • Full identity and credit restoration assistance by a licensed frauds investigator
Preferred Mortgage Benefits Plan

Aria Health understands that purchasing and/or refinancing, a home can be stressful, time-consuming and often very expensive, so we have added a plan, which provides you, as an Aria Health employee access to the following benefits at no cost to you:

  1. Free In-Office or In-Home Applications
  2. Free Consultations
  3. Free Credit Reports
  4. Lower Interest Rates
  5. Fixed, Adjustable and Interest-Only Mortgages
  6. Home Equity Lines of Credit
  7. Home Buyers Network

Account Managers from Credence Mortgage are available to guide you through a new residential mortgage transaction and act as a personal mortgage shopping consultant. They will provide straightforward, honest and easy-to-understand information, assist you in obtaining and evaluate mortgage offers and help you select the right loan program for you and your family.

Vacation Time Two (2) weeks per fiscal year, subject to approval of department head.
Personal & Sick Leave Five (5) personal days are provided Resident per contract year.
Educational Allowance Clinical Residents only. Educational allowance is determined by the Aria Health Gradate Medical Education Committee.
Paid Leave Funeral leave and jury duty leave.
Unpaid Leave Medical, military, personal, family medical leave.
Library Resources Between the three Aria Health campuses the libraries provide access to current and historically held journals, electronic full text journals, on-line and CD-ROM information search systems, and various audiovisual educational and training tapes/films.

Free parking at all three (3) campuses.

Meals It is the policy of the Aria Health to provide housestaff with a monthly meal allowance.
Lounge Area & Call Rooms A lounge area and call rooms are provided to housestaff at times that the housestaff member is scheduled for on-call coverage.
Wellness Center The most professional and inexpensive exercise programs available at all three campuses, Bucks, Torresdale, and Frankford.