Student Volunteer Program

Aria has a number of challenging volunteer opportunities for students age 14 and older who have completed the eighth grade. Many of our students have such a rewarding experience during our summer program that they continue volunteering their time throughout the school year.

As a volunteer you will have opportunities to serve our patients in several ways. There are many different assignments offered to students which include areas such as the Information Desk, Hospital Gift Shop, and Food and Nutrition department. We also have clerical opportunities in several departments.

All that you do is important in helping us carry out our commitment of service to our patients and the community.

Program Requirements

Participation in the Student Volunteer Program will give the student opportunities for training in community service and to observe careers in hospital fields.

Volunteers serve without pay and are responsible for their own transportation and to purchase their uniforms. A volunteer is expected to be reliable and regular in attendance.


  • Must be 14 years of age or older and have completed 8th grade
  • Must be able to work a regular weekly assignment
  • Must have two school references completed by an adult teacher

All students accepted for the Student Volunteer Program are required to attend an orientation session. After orientation there will be on the job training. Staff and experienced volunteers will participate in training process.

Uniforms: Please follow the dress code outlined in the Student Handbook which you shall receive at Orientation. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, stretch pants or leotard pants are not acceptable.

An ID Badge will be issued at the Orientation session and must be worn at all times while in the hospital.

The service you will give to patients and staff provides an added dimension to our quality care. Your interest in Aria Health, a community hospital, provides us with an important link with those in the community we serve. We would be happy to welcome you to Aria Health.

Volunteer Application – Student