General Surgery

For internal organs and all other facets of general surgery.

Aria's Department of Surgery prides itself on quality in all facets of general surgery.   Its general surgeons are highly trained and qualified, and are experienced in the latest approaches to general surgical-care needs and techniques.   These capable, versatile specialists offer operative procedures that save lives and improve quality of life for patients with a wide spectrum of conditions.

What types of operations are available with minimally invasive surgery?
Aria’s Division of General Surgery has helped to lead the way in its community in offering minimally invasive surgery.  Learn about the laparoscopic and other endoscopic options that Aria has made available to its patients in recent years.

Also: Minimally invasive weight-loss surgery.  See Aria’s patient brochure for its expanded program in bariatric (weight-loss) services.

Surgery is an important, or in some cases primary, form of treatment for conditions of the organ sites listed below.   Surgical procedures for problems in these areas make up the core of treatment areas for Aria's Division of General Surgery:

Surgery for conditions of appendix, including appendicitis   

Surgery for the esophagus, including
reflux disease

Surgery for conditions of the gallbladder

Surgery for hemorrhoids

Surgery for hernias

Surgery for hiatal hernia

Surgery for conditions of the liver

Surgery for conditions of the kidney

Surgery for conditions of the pancreas

Surgery for conditions of the peritoneum (diaphragmatic membrane), including peritonitis

Surgery for conditions of the small intestine

Surgery for conditions of the spleen

Surgery for conditions of the stomach

Aria's general surgeons are constantly improving techniques and modernizing tools and strategies for general surgery.  This includes working to minimize or eliminate the use of blood transfusions in operations.

In collaboration with your primary physician, our staff can help advise you on treatment options and will explain surgical choices.   Whether you visit for an elective or nonelective operation, as an inpatient or outpatient, our staff works to assure that you experience coordinated, first-rate care and good communication with your family and all healthcare professionals involved in your case.

Our staff is involved in teaching, research, and professional activities that help us keep your care at the leading edge of clinical knowledge.

See also our general surgery division's special sections on:

Breast Surgery

Colorectal Surgery

Learn about minimally invasive thyroid surgery at Aria

Endocrine Surgery (including for
conditions of the thyroid,
parathyroid, and adrenal glands)

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgical Oncology

Thoracic Surgery