Orthopedic Rehabilition

Recovering, Healing, Returning to Life:
               Rehabilitation that Works

For many patients with orthopedic conditions – and all who undergo orthopedic surgery – rehabilitation is key to the recovery process.  It begins at bedside, even before treatment intervention is complete, and continues for as long as needed to get the fullest possible recovery.  

Aria’s orthopedic service prides itself on its especially close working relationship with rehabilitation medicine in the Aria system.  This stage of care requires physician and orthopedic-nursing care, combined with the skill of knowledgeable physical therapists.  And now, with the recent addition of MossRehab at Aria, patient’s are enjoying this kind of teamwork as part of world-class rehab services that mean a speedy recovery.

A 12-bed unit at MossRehab at Aria Health-Frankford serves patients with a wide range of disabilities and post-surgical needs – and further distinguishes Aria as a center of excellence in those areas, which include highly focused care for patients who have experienced:

Reduction of pain and return to activities and function at a medically advisable pace is the goal of the service.  That means mobilization and strengthening that return function and minimize delay in getting patients back to their normal routines.  Both Aria and Moss also offer outpatient rehabilitation therapy and can help to arrange homecare.