Be a "PEP" Per!

Contributed by: Bea Leyden, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRN, and Bruce A. Boxer, PhD, MBA, RN

The PEP Team is the latest sensation at Frankford Hospitals, but what is it? A team full of energy? Yes, it is, but it is also much more!

The PEP Team is a group of nurses and aides coordinated by their unit clerks, who proactively round on patients every two hours to address their needs. The team specifically addresses issues related to PEP (PEP is an acronym for Pain, Elimination and Position), but they also address any additional patient concerns.

Have you heard the overhead tone on the odd hours? This reminds staff to assemble into their teams to “PEP” their patients!

The PEP Team concept utilizes evidence-based practices to promote optimal patient outcomes related to:

  • Appropriate Pain Management
  • Elimination (preventing incontinence and assisting patients safely to the bathroom)
  • Position (repositioning patients to prevent skin breakdown)

Besides addressing these initiatives, PEP Teams can potentially improve patient satisfaction, decrease patient call bell usage (by addressing patient needs before they ring), promote staff team building and improve communication.

The PEP Team Program is now live at every unit at all three campuses. Nursing units had creative celebrations to kick off the start of their PEP Team as demonstrated by the photos accompanying this article.

2 North at Bucks Campus is also starting a “Guest Pepper” Program, through which non-nursing staff members are invited to join a PEP round. 2 North’s Nurse Manager, Kelly Herninko, RN, BSN, CCRN, invites guest “PEPpers” to round with her team - “I’m a PEPper, he’s a PEPper, she’s a PEPper - Wouldn’t YOU like to be a PEPper too?”

Visit a nursing unit near you to learn more about the PEP Team phenomenon!