Bariactric (Weight-Loss) Surgery

Aria Health Center for Gynecology & Women's Health


Yes, there is a cure.
Obesity is treatable. And solvable.

It’s dangerous and debilitating – but fortunately medical solutions for this condition have arrived in recent years that can transform lives.  Patients with obesity can undergo surgery, with a minimal hospital stay and quick recovery that will lead to dramatically reduced weight.

We now know that some patients simply cannot control their weight through lifestyle changes alone.  Experienced bariatric specialists have the skills to identify these individuals. Careful evaluation shows which patients need bariatric surgery, an intervention now recognized as a cure to treat obesity, and for obesity complicated by diabetes.

Lose now, win later:
Drop down to a safer weight, for good.

Aria Health’s Comprehensive Center for Bariatric Surgery provides all of the knowledge and experience needed for exceptional care of this kind. Patients benefit from treatment at a center with complete expertise in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, and a full complement of diagnostic and support services.

Treating every patient responsibly & effectively.

A highly professional, full-service, Bariatrics center offers patients many advantages:

  • staff members who understand the challenges that individuals with obesity face, and who seek to responsibly evaluate their health condition and history;
  • help for patients who need additional conservative, noninvasive, lifestyle solutions, and definitive recommendation for surgery for others;
  • and a provider group that will give patients a lifetime of care, for a long-term solution to their condition.

Aria’s Comprehensive Center for Bariatric Surgery knows how to help patients with serious obesity and complications, including those who have diabetes (a condition that affects a majority of the center’s patients.) Office and consulting personnel include highly trained physicians, nurses, dietitians, and psychologists – supported by competent, helpful administrative office staff.

Recommendation for surgery must come through medical consensus, and patients must attempt or have attempted non-invasive weight loss first. Patients must agree to appropriate weight-loss goals, and demonstrate an ability to adhere to an appropriate diet.