Orthopedic Care

Comprehensive, Top-Level Care for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Aria has organized within its medical centers the most up-to-date patient-focused orthopedic service for needs from the routine to the most complex.  Aria orthopedics offers the highest quality surgical and non-surgical care for musculoskeletal conditions of all kinds.

Orthopedists at Aria care for the common, everyday problems of the bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissue and the more serious, chronic, or once-in-a-lifetime requirements for care.  They see patients with all types of disorders and have built a depth of experience to skillfully provide for conservative, noninvasive care as well as major and complex treatments and procedures.

The division’s hallmark is highly individualized, personal, patient-oriented care.

Joint replacement

Surgeons in Aria’s outstanding joint replacement program have trained at some of the most renowned institutions for orthopedic care and have chosen to bring their high-level expertise to the Aria community, where they enjoy the opportunity to serve a diverse patient population with a wide spectrum of needs.  The field of joint replacement surgery involves primarily knee and hip replacement.  Patients who have suffered with severe arthritis or other processes involving these or other joints — and who have not responded well to medication, activity modification, injection treatments, and or other therapy — typically enjoy dramatic improvements in their lifestyles after undergoing joint replacement surgery.

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Back and spinal conditions

Back problems are, unfortunately, all too common ailments, and one of the most prevalent orthopedic conditions.  They are often cited as the most common reason for adult visits to the doctor’s office.  Backs suffer a great deal of physical stress in a lifetime — stress that comes from even routine activities.  Add in strenuous physical work, athletics, repetitive motion, poor ergonomics, accidental injury, aging, and other factors, and any back can lose form and function and start hurting.  The back’s ability to cushion itself and surrounding structures and to hold its optimal form can deteriorate, compromising hard and soft tissue and affecting the delicate and intricate system of nerves that a back protects.  Vertebrae, discs, and the spinal cord and nerve roots can all suffer.

Learn more about care of back and back-related conditions at Aria.

The staff counsels the right combination of both expedient care and patience — as needed and appropriate — in overcoming orthopedic injuries or condition.

Injuries & chronic conditions of the soft tissue (of the joints and musculature)

Tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other connective tissue, as well as muscles, can strain, tear, or atrophy, bringing pain and problems with movement, exertion, posture, joint stability, and other aspects of a healthy, active, independent life.  Sports and work injuries, arthritis, muscle spasms are primarily soft-tissue problems that can require a wide range of types of interventions and care, including sometimes arthroscopy.

Learn more about care of conditions of the soft tissue at Aria.


Breaks in bones — whether microscopic or complete — need prompt and skilled evaluation and often treatment to avoid complications and prevent life-long impairment.  Whether in the limbs, the hands or feet, the back, the pelvis, or any other areas, fractures require careful diagnosis and often highly knowledgeable casting, splinting, or other cushioning and protection, and sometimes surgical placement, pinning, or other structural reinforcement.

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